Expert Metal Materials Services

Trust The Hillery Company for expert services that meet your specific needs.

We offer a wide range of metal material solutions to clients across various industries, delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service.


The Hillery Company welcomes custom inquiries. Using the latest design techniques and solid modeling software, the designers at Hillery have the ability to make your ideas a reality. Utilizing many years of experience, Hillery can produce a design that is easy and cost effective to fabricate. As a custom design manufacturer of fabricated parts, weldments, sheet metal, machined parts & custom laminates. Hillery has extensive expertise with a variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium and exotic alloys.

Custom Fabrication

Over the course of 70 years in the metal fabricating industry, the Hillery Company has developed a reputation for taking on the challenges of difficult and unique projects.

Metal Welding and Joining

Using the latest equipment, Hillery’s expert welders hold many certifications to both Military & American Welding Society specifications for a variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and exotic alloys.


Our machine shop features a OMAX Precision high pressure waterjet cutting and machining with a fast turnaround on parts.

Architectural Metal

Engineers and designers come to the Hillery Company with their concepts and visions. Hillery’s fabricating abilities have been key in making their visions a reality. Many samples of Hillery Company ‘s work can be seen at area attractions, including casinos, museums and aquariums.block that you can use to highlight features.

Custom Laminate

Our Composite Oven at the Hillery Co. has the capacity to fabricate bonded panels using heat-activated pre-preg film adhesives. Utilizing our high temperature oven and vacuum bag pressure Hillery is able to bond a wide variety of core materials such as, aluminum honeycomb and Nomex honeycomb, as well as a wide variety of foam cores, with both alloy and pre-cured composite skins such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber and glass fiber. The use of Vacuum Bag pressure vs a press allows bonding of either flat or curved panels.


The Hillery Company supplies ladders and catwalks to the ventilation industry. Our custom designs have provided access to air handlers installed on extended height plenum curbs. We have also made provisions to custom mount access platforms and continuous catwalks directly to air handling equipment and cooling towers. Where preferred, we can provide a ladder access and service platform package for a specific equipment location, as opposed to a continuous catwalk.