Custom Laminate

Our Composite Oven at the Hillery Co. has the capacity to fabricate bonded panels using heat-activated pre-preg film adhesives. Oven clear ID is 7’ high x 7’ wide x 8’ deep, and has a maximum temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Utilizing our high temperature oven and vacuum bag pressure Hillery is able to bond a wide variety of core materials such as, aluminum honeycomb and Nomex honeycomb, as well as a wide variety of foam cores, with both alloy and pre-cured composite skins such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber and glass fiber. The use of Vacuum Bag pressure vs a press allows bonding of either flat or curved panels. Hillery Co. has the capacity to bond pre-cured sheets of composite, as well as metallic skins.

Laminate Bonded Panels