Ladders, Catwalks & Staging

The Hillery Company supplies ladders and catwalks to the ventilation industry. Our custom designs have provided access to air handlers installed on extended height plenum curbs. We have also made provisions to custom mount access platforms and continuous catwalks directly to air handling equipment and cooling towers. Where preferred, we can provide a ladder access and service platform package for a specific equipment location, as opposed to a continuous catwalk.

Our standard construction is:

  • Galvanized steel (Options for aluminum and stainless steel)
  • Designs meet OSHA requirements
  • Custom engineered to meet specialty applications
  • Shipped in 10’ modules with removable handrails
  • May be mounted to roof curbs, air-handling equipment, or directly to roof deck when properly supported.

Whatever your need, Hillery Company has the experience to provide you with custom access to your equipment in a timely fashion at reasonable cost.

Ladders, catwalks, and staging