Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom made parts are our specialty at The Hillery Company

We turn drawings into precise finished pieces.

  • Custom Catwalks, Ladders & Staging
  • Custom Rolling-Forming-Bending
  • Construction Fabrication
  • Defense Fabrication
  • Industrial Fabrication

The Hillery Company supplies ladders and catwalks to the ventilation industry. Our custom designs have provided access to air handlers installed on extended height plenum curbs. We have also made provisions to custom mount access platforms and continuous catwalks directly to air handling equipment and cooling towers.

This set of custom fabricated external stairs and landing with hand railing, yellow fiberglass stairs & platform grating is just one example of our work.

Over the course of 70 years in the metal fabricating industry, the Hillery Company has developed a reputation for taking on the challenges of difficult and unique projects.

Shock Test Platform

Hull Ventilation House
Sand Hopper
Air Cannon