Our machine shop features a OMAX Precision high pressure waterjet cutting and machining with a fast turnaround on parts.


Waterjet cutting machines are highly versatile, allowing for accurate and precise cutting of almost any material. They can cut through most metals (including stainless steel), plastics, composites, glass, rubber, cork and foam.

Complex Designs

Waterjet machines can easily handle complex shapes with tight tolerances as well as producing intricate patterns or designs.

Low Heat

Waterjet machines are also capable of cutting without heat and do not introduce stresses or warping into the materials being cut. This makes them ideal for cutting parts that require tight tolerances or where a clean finished edge is desired.

Fast and Precise

Waterjet cutting machines are a great way to cut parts quickly and accurately with minimal distortion or damage. Cutting speeds vary depending on the thickness and type of material being cut but are typically much faster than other methods such as laser or plasma cutting.